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FAQ Jaipur by cycle, Cycle Tours in Jaipur, Cycle in India, Cycling in Rajasthan, Visit Jaipur

  • Is it safe to cycle in Jaipur?

Of course! You will be surprised to see how easy it is to cycle in the city. There may be cows, cycle rickshawas and pedestrians to deal with, but the best is to go with the flow. Our knowledge of the roads and habits helps a lot as well! You can rely on the experience of our guides!




That’s always an interesting question. Our bike tours are easy going at a slow pace with frequent refreshment and snack stops. Moreover we always have a co-guide backing us, making sure everybody is following.




They are! We also have smaller bicycles : 24 inches for children more than 147 cm and bicycles of 20 inches for children more than 127 cm. But every child is different so parents, you are the only judge!





Then these cycle tours are not for you, therefore we suggest you to book our walking tours. 







Please dress accordingly to the local customs, ladies please avoid too short clothes and prefer tops with sleeves. It is preferable for safety reasons to wear snickers and avoid flip- flops. In winter (December, January) we advise you to carry something warm.




We will provide a 500ml bottle of mineral water and chai (Indian tea) and Indian safe snacks are all part of the tour. Also included, is a delicious breakfast either in the restaurant of the Karnot Mahal hotel or in an Indian home (depending on the tour). Every bike is fitted with a basket in which you can keep your belongings.




A booking is accepted and becomes definite only from the date when the Company sends a confirmation by email, after the full online payment is received in advance.  We will send you a Paypal invoice or our bank details by email.

  • Are your cycle tours suitable for everyone? 

  • Are children welcome?

  • What if I can’t ride a bicycle?

  • What to wear?

  • What to bring? 

  • How do I pay?

  • Can I book a private cycle tour?

Private cyle tours

If  you want a tailored tour for your family and friends, if you have you any specific wishes, if you want a tour in French or in Hindi, then go for a private tour!


Contact us and book one of our special offers :


- For a couple, 2 people, INR 8800, additional person costs INR 1,800.

- For a family, 4 people, INR 11,500, additional person costs INR 1,800.

- For a group, 8 people, INR 15,400 (1 seat is free!)


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