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Yes! Amber is the jewel of Jaipur!


Amber served as the capital of the Dhundar kingdom until 1727 when Maharaja Jai Singh II decided to shift to Jaipur, leaving Amber to its fate. 


We will guide you in the Amber fort and then take you on a fascinating heritage walking tour to rediscover the treasures of this long forgotten town dotted with numerous historic temples and ancient structures.


Very few people get a chance to step in the historic town to witness its rich heritage.




walking tour

You prefer to  walk? We love it too!

Pana Mina Stepwell
Amber fort
The walls
Jagat Shiromani Temple
the town
View from the fort
Amber heritage walking tour



  • Amber Fort

  • Jagat Shiromani Temple

  • Panna Mina stepwell

  • Anokhi block printing  museum

  • Sagar Lake

  • Monkeys feeding

  • Bihari temple

  • Shiva temple

Duration : 3 hours


Timings: flexible (everyday upon availability, booking is required)


Exclusions : transportation and entrance fee of the Fort not included


Inclusions : Refreshments, bottle of water, tea with buffalo milk

                     in an Indian home


Meeeting point : Ticket office of Amber Fort


Price: INR 1270 per person (2 persons minimum)

Pink city walking tour


walking tour

Discover the daily life of Indian people in a genuine way. Experience the spirit of Jaipur by visiting lively temples and witnessing Hindu prayer ceremonies...


Admire the great houses of the noblemen, jewellers and queens entourage. Interact with people over tea and taste Jaipur's streets delights. 


Meet local artisans, sculptors, silversmiths , bangle makers, metal workers and learn from their traditional methods.



Fruit Market
Sweet maker
Gates of Jaipur
Marble carvers
Flower market



  • Hawa Mahal (wind palace)

  • Marble carvers' district

  • Bangel bazaar

  • Sweet shop and its kitchen  

  • Govind dev ji temple

  • Vegetable and flower market

Duration: 3 hours


Timings: flexible (everyday upon availability, booking is required)

Our guides can tailor the walk to your requirements and timing.


Meeting point : Hawa Mahal


Inclusions : Refreshments, food tasting, bottle of water

                     Extra charge for additional visit of the City Palace

                     and Astronomical Observatory 


Price: INR 1270 per person (2 persons minimum)

Culinary walking tour


Yummy tour for the Foodies

Kachori seller
Jalebi maker
Sweet maker

You can't leave Jaipur without tasting the mouth-watering street food delights of Jaipur!

Let us take you on an exotic culinary journey in the district of Raja Park, home of the sikh community and  famous for gathering the best street food in town that only real Jaipurites know!

Duration : 3 hours


Meeting point: Ramada Hotel, Raja Park.


Timings: from 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM (everyday upon availability, booking is required)


Price: INR 2300 per person all-inclusive (2 persons minimum)


Jaipur is the Paris of India!

Jaipur has been a center of crafts and art creation for centuries. It is worldwide famous for its refined jewellery, beautiful blue pottery, handblock printed textiles but also for its superb contemporary crafts and modern design.

We will take you a on personal shopping tour tailored to your needs.

Duration : 3 hours


Timings: Everyday upon availability, booking is required


Price: INR 2310 per person all-inclusive (2 persons minimum)

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