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Why you should meet a Palm Reader while travelling in India?

We tried it for you, trust us it is terrific!

Although the practice of palm reading is found all over the world it is commonly known to take its roots in Hindu astrology.

Performed mostly by Pandits aka Hindu priests, this practice is highly popular in India and you will rarely encounter Hindus who never experienced palm reading once in their life!

Very sceptical about this science we still decided to embrace India even more and try the thing out for fun!

This is how we met Mr. Gajendra Sharma, a famous palm reader of Jaipur we had heard wonders about. Highly demanded for his palm reading skills, getting an appointment was not easy but we got the chance to meet him quicker than we thought through one of our friends.

When we arrived Mr. Sharma was sitting in front a table, waiting for us. One by one we offered our palms to his reading.

Intensively observing its every details while doodling on a blank paper, he looked up at us after sometime and started talking. He began with announcing our precise age and went off describing the features of our personalities.

"You are 28 right?"

"You are a thinker and you loooove to talk!"

"You give a lot of advice". True!

He could guess that we were working with cycles, what kind of car we had (a third class!) and what were our professional aims and future.

Laughing at times or keeping a serious look, he also knew exactly what was happening in our love lives, what was right or wrong, he could give advice and predict what would happen in the next months and years. We now know when we are supposed to get married, how many children we will have, how long we will live in India and which disease will occur in the future!

"You will stay in India 9 years and you 20!"

He guessed as well approximately the exact number of clients we had so far and predict another number in the future (we hope he is right on this because it is a lot...!)

Everything was surprisingly accurate, clear and inspirational...

Other people also met him following our advice and the experience was the same. We now understand why so many people come to see him, ready to pay the price for his forecasting. Indeed, very few pandits have Mr. Sharma's experience and gift but it is not only that... It is an empirical science that requires years of daily studies as we acknowledged and that has proven itself for thousands of years.

Don't miss the chance to experience that inspirational yet disruptive moment while visiting Jaipur and meet Pandit Gajendra Sharma for a memorable interaction.

If you are interested to book an appointement, contact us by email:

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