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BBC show "The Real Marigold Hotel" starring Cyclin'Jaipur is on air!

The famous movie '' The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel'' put Jaipur on the map, but what would it be if it was real? That's what the BBC answered with its new 3 episodes series ''The Real Marigold Hotel''. So what is this show? Well it basically follows the movie's scenario, 8 famous British persons with colorful characters, in their golden years, move to Jaipur in order to see if they would be able to retire here for good.

The plan here is to stay for 3 weeks in a Haveli, a traditional mansion, in the heart of the city and then figure out if they can manage to settle. The idea is to create an experience as genuine as possible, trying as much a possible not to hire staff. From buying food to maintaining the house clean, these elder fellows will have to challenge themselves and learn to live together.

Why should you watch it? Well, first of all it is starring our beloved city so every Jaipur's lovers will find it interesting. Plus it is always good to see how other people from very different backgrounds react to our city, its daily struggles as well as its wonders. Last but not least the first episode is starring our very own guide, Raju. Yes, you heard it right, at around 30 minutes, the merry gang goes with him to visit famous places such as the Amber Fort and the Monkey temple and finally shares a moment at his home in Amber.

So if you want to visit Jaipur as well with Raju, let us know, it will be his pleasure as well to show you around, no hustle, just plain kindness and true knowledge. He is indeed one of Jaipur's finest professional guide, the BBC trusted him and so should you.

How can you watch it? If you're lucky enough to have BBC 2, the first episode aired on January 26th at 9pm, the second one on the February 2nd and the third and last one will be on television Feb 9th.

Or you can watch it online on youtube at this address

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