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Where to shop in Jaipur : visit the bazaars of the old town!

Jaipur's colorful bazaars!

The Pink city is well known for being a top shopping destination: from jewelry to textile or even puppets, you can find everything you need! Keep in mind that in India you should always bargain, especially in bazaars where the sellers will ask two to four times the actual price of what you are willing to buy.

Here's Jaipur's most famous bazaars:

Johari bazaar

This is one of the city's oldest place for shopping, it is mostly famous for its handicrafted jewels shops. From cheap items to pieces that worth even millions you will see everything. Silver, gold, precious and semi-precious gems, you name it! Jaipur being famous for its Kundan jewellery made out of gold, it's more the handcrafted silver items that attract people. In this bazaar you can also find handmade clothes, puppets, shoes and marble sculptures. In here you have stores for both private and wholesale shopping for export but be sure to trust the right person, especially for export purpose!

The place is open everyday, even during the national holidays, starting from 11am to 11pm for some shops.

Bapu bazaar

Between New Gate and Saganeri Gate you can find this famous market, which is one of the most visited in the city. Shops over there propose typical Rajasthani goods such as salwar suits, cushions, bedsheets, mojari shoes which are made out of camel skin, and different prints. Sanganeri and Bagru blockprint design, named after the villages where they come from are really popular and have made this bazaar famous. In here you are expected to bargain so don't be afraid to work on your haggling game!

Shops are open everyday from 11am.

Chandpol bazaar

Here's another notorious market of the Pink City located near the Chandpol gate. The place is best known for its marble carvings and its different kind of paintings such as miniature paintings, canvas paintings and Mughal paintings. Mughal paintings are inspired from Persian miniatures and influenced by Hindu art. They were really popular within the Mughal empire and then spread all over India. In the colourful bazaar you can also find perfumes, spices as well as different oils. Like Jaipur's many bazaar this one is open everyday starting 11am.

Chaura Rasta bazaar

If you love to read, this is the place to be ! This street is filled with book stores but mostly in Hindi of course. Looking for a bicycle? Buy it here! But even if you're not buying it's still worth a visit and why not go watch a movie at the Golcha. Watching a Bollywood flick in a traditional theatre such as this one or the famous Raj Mandir is a real experience. Indeed it's not like in western countries where silence is the norm, in here people are clapping, singing, whooing, definitely a must try !

Tripolia bazaar

You can find this popular bazaar near the beautiful Tripolia Gate that only the Maharajah and his family can use. In this market you will find several utensils and tools shops, most of the items are in steel, brass and copper. In this bazaar there is also lacque workers who make bangles, jewellery boxes, small statues and so on. This is also the place to go to if you're looking for a typical Indian style carpet as well as jewellery.

Other notable bazaars that you should check are : Kishanpol bazaar, Nehru bazaar, Sireh Deori bazaar.

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